Thursday, January 06, 2011

Social Media Marketing: Growing with Squidoo

I joined Squidoo in 2007 and I have been reflecting on what this
social network has meant to me.

What I value is the encouragement to pursue your own interest
and passions and to share them through the creation of Squidoo
lenses (of which I now have 100+).

Squidoo itself is highly innovative and very supportive of innovation,
so I found that I could give expression to my creativity.  This has
been a particularly rewarding aspect of Squidoo.

The Squidoo community is exceptionally supportive and willing
to help at every turn - whether you are a newbie or an experienced
Lensmaster trying to become a Giant Squid (50 excellent lenses).

Squidoo has helped me grow in confidence in my online endeavors
and to create my own online products.  The work of  other very
talented Lensmasters and writers is a constant source of inspiration
and stimulation.

I value the friendships I have made on Squidoo and the
shared experience of working within this nurturing environment.

I think we all need a home within the social media environs
and I consider Squidoo home.  From there I can actively
engage with other social networks - such as Facebook,
Twitter, Hub Pages, LinkedIn and Redgage - and feel
comfortable that I have a contribution to make.

So in a very real sense, I feel as though I have been growing
up online through Squidoo and its evolution.

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