Thursday, December 02, 2010

SquidooRoo Lesson on Facebook

The SquidooRoo Program offers 6 months training in
 social media marketing.

The social media training covers content creation, social networking
and promotion including social bookmarking.

Weekly PDF lessons and bonuses are focused on helping you
to take real action to achieve your online goals.

For example, the Facebook Marketing lesson covers Personal Pages,
Fan Pages and Facebook Ads.  The bonuses for this lesson
provide eBooks and videos designed to show you how to take action
to create each of these aspects of Facebook Markeing.  The cost of
the bonuses for this lesson alone exceeds the total cost of the course.

Why not try out this social media training to help you achieve
your online goals and realize the income you desire?

The training program helps you achieve focus, improve
your productiivity and overcome the problems of information

Ron Passfield, PhD, is a Social Media Consultant, Top 100 Squidoo
Lensmaster and Giant Squid100.

He is the Creator of the SquidooRoo Training Progam, a 6 month
course in social media marketing:
Social Media Training Program

Sign up now for a FREE ecourse in social media marketing:
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Social Media Marketing Tips


Claudia Ka said...

Hello, I am from Brazil and visited your blog. I Have a musical blog, and I would like your visit. We would be virtual friends - Regards, Claudia.

social media planner said...

Facebook is about to embark on being the number one website in the world which means there's a lot of opportunity for business owners and marketers around the world.