Thursday, May 07, 2009

Squidoo lenses: using SquidUtils Toolbar

The site is something you have to
see to believe.

This has a tremendous range of tools that you can use
to improve your Squidoo lenses and management of
your Squidoo groups.

This website based collection of tools, developed by
thefluffanutta, is quite extraordinary and includes
features such as a Squidoo chat room, RSS feeds for
your lenses, links to a Squidoo lens auction site,
pinging facility.... (and the list goes on).

A visit to the SquidUtils site is a must for
the committed Lensmaster:

BUT before you go, check out what
you can
add to your own Browser Toolbar.

The SquidUtils Toolbar lets you:
  • Keep up to date with the latest blog posts from Squidoo HQ
  • Switch easily between multiple Lensmaster accounts
  • Quick access to your dashboard, with notification of Lensrank updates
  • Rate, favorite and comment on lenses without scrolling up and down
  • Submit a lens to social bookmarking sites and lens directories
  • Build a new lens with any of the co-brands
  • Access affiliate RSS feeds for Amazon products
  • Direct access to all the tools you love at
The SquidUtils Toolbar is available for Windows, Mac,
and Linux on Internet Explorer and Firefox

CHECK out these free tools now and start using them
SquidUtils Toolbar

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