Friday, August 22, 2008

Dental Marketing Tips: Hayden Dell

If you're a dentist and want to promote your local business
on the internet, you can learn a lot from Hayden Dell's
dental marketing tips and dental marketing articles.

It is rare that you can get quality information about
online marketing for a professional service, let alone
sound advice for marketing of a local professional service
within a specific industry.

Hayden Dell does this for the dentist. If you are interested
in marketing your local dental business, you don't have
to take general marketing advice and apply it to your business.

Hayden does that for you. He brings a knowledge of the
dental industry and internet marketing methods together
in his dental marketing articles.

His dental marketing tips are provided in the language of
the layperson - not too technical and not full of jargon.

The dental marketing information is very well presented
and is clearly stated.

He even concludes his dental marketing tips with useful
"do's" and "don'ts".

Anyone marketing a local business could learn from his
local marketing hints - I know I did and I will put some
of his ideas into practice!

Here's a sample of what Hayden Dell has to offer in terms
of dental marketing advice:

Links vs Citations for Small Business

Pay per Click Strategy

Think Like a Search Engine

Mobile Technology and Local Search

You would do well to add this site to your favorites
if you are interested in marketing any local busienss,
but specifically if you are a dentist and want to market
your dental business online.

Note: This is a sponsored post but I've added Hayden's
site to my favorites to learn more about online local


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