Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Turn Your Photos into Digital Stories

Digital storytelling has grown in popularity in
recent years as more and more people have access to
digital photos and video.

Digital stories are usually brief five minute tales that
use both audio and images (photos or video) along with
a musical soundtrack (this is optional).

Digital storytelling appeals to the less techo literate as it
is very easy to create a digital story using free software:
Digital Storytelling Starter Kit

Digital storytelling has become popular because you can
convey so much more meaning and emotion by combining
voice and image.

Digital stories are now used for instructing students,
in resumes and e-portfolios, in digital scrapbooking, in
communicating culture and sharing experiences and
journeys with family and friends. There is a huge
potential for using digital stories in affiliate marketing.

Caryl Oliver, whom I have known for more than five
years, has created a step-by-step resource to help you
turn your own photos into movies:
Digital Storytelling Starter Kit

Caryl's easy to follow guide comes with a number of
  • written guidebook
  • audio instructions
  • sample digital story
  • free software to create a digital story
  • weekly Digital Storytelling Tips
Caryl is one of Australia's leaders in online learning
and teaching and has mentored other leaders in the field.

You can guarantee that you will receive quality and solid
support with her Starter Kit.

Why not dig out those photos of your trip that you
planned to put in an album? Create a digital story
and add it to your website or blog or Squidoo lens.

Caryl makes it easy for you to be creative through her
digital storytelling guide.

If you want to see lots of digital storytelling
visit my Squidoo lens:

I have drawn together examples of people sharing
their experiences of love, fear, disaster, joy and pleasure.
There are examples of digital storytelling in education,
digital stories for communicating culture and digistories
about nature and places of interest.

What story do you have to tell?

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Hi, very informative ... I have bookmarked this blog ;)

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Thanks Chang for the visit and the comment.


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