Friday, January 26, 2007

The Will To Win - Serena Williams

I have been watching the Australian Open with great interest
over the past week or so.

I have been amazed at the will power shown by Serena Williams
- her will power and focus are incredible. She dedicated her
Australian Open win to her late half-sister, Yetunde Price.
Serena was determined to win for her sister and to prove the
critics wrong about her fitness. Her focus did not waver for
a single moment in her 6-1, 6-2 win.

I thought that if only I could match this with my own internet
business, I could go a long way.

When you look at the great internet marketers they have really
focused on some aspect and done it to death, e.g. Perry Marshall
and AdWords, Jim Edwards and article marketing/info products,
Charlie Page and copywriting and so on.

Despite the odds against them at the start they have stuck with
it and developed deep expertise that they are now able to sell.
This has been their competitive advantage.

I think one of the problems with people starting out is that
they jump from one thing to another and then wonder why they
don't progress.

The information overload tends to disperse their energy and
focus and they soon become frustrated.

So the secret seems to be to want something badly, decide
a focus in an area that you are interested in (preferably
a popular niche that is not too crowded) and then maintain
your focus.

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