Saturday, January 20, 2007

Perry Marshall's FREE mp3 interviews

Perry Marshall has just launched a new soft-
covered book on Google Adwords which is available
from here:

To promote his new book he is releasing mp3
interviews he has conducted with top internet
marketers and giving them away at no cost.

You can get access to the mp3's here:

I have listened to his interviews on Google
Adwords with Jim Edwards and Mark Hendricks.
They are superb with some genuine pearls.
I will be listening to them again because
there is so much in them (and I have already
read a number of books on Google Adwords).

Other interviews coming up are:
Bob Sterling on Search Engine Marketing
Paul Myers on advertising strategies
and also interviews with Bill Glazer, Yanik
Silver, Jason Potash and others.

Don't forget Jim's new book - Ulimate Guide
to Google Adwords- which is 300 pages and
covers all aspects of internet marketing
as well as Google Adwords.

I noticed this morning that has
reduced the price from $24.95 to $16.47 but
I am not sure for how long. Here's the link:

Best wishes for 2007
Ron Passfield

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