Saturday, June 03, 2006

How To Get 100,000 Instant Buzz Credits FREE

Joel Comm does it again. Here's
the inside information on Adsense
with lots of Joel's secrets for less
than $15.

There's too much in this book to
cover in this posting, so you will
have to visit the site:

What I can tell you though is that
you get $6,000 worth of bonuses
if you purchase the book.

What do you have to do nowadays to sell a $15 ebook?

I can tell you that the bonuses include 100,000 FREE
Instant Buzz

What kind of other bonuses, you ask?

  • Exclusive teleseminars
  • Instant downloadable ebooks (including ebooks on adsense and article writing)
  • Informative Podcasts (including one on podcasting and adsense)
  • Adsense video clinics (for newbies and the advanced)
  • Premium site memberships
  • Useful software
  • plus...

This is certainly the Year of the Giveway. It seems that Joel has combined the Giveaway concept with his own book sale.

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CreditStudent said...

I bet that this book is really great, you know, really informative!
I’ll try to save my money to buy it.