Saturday, June 03, 2006

FREE Google Adwords Keyword Generator

Mark Widawer is offering his Keyword Turbo Charger FREE to shortcut the effort of finding keywords for your Adwords campaign.

This tool that used to cost $17.95 a month helps you to identify hundreds and even thousands of profitable keywords in minutes.

At my first attempt I generated over 29,000 keywords but Google Adwords only allow 2000 keywords per ad, so I had to refine my key ideas. I very quickly got the number of keywords down to 1,800!

Why so many keywords, you might ask?

I was wondering that until I listened to Perry Marshall's audio tapes (5) on Google Adwords. I got access to these audios free when I joined Market-It. Perry, The Adwords Guru, makes the point that newbies first mistake with Adwords is to use only 10-20 keywords per ad (and only the expensive keywords that everybody uses!). He suggests you create 200 to 1,000 keywords per ad.

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