Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Save your Ezine from the Junk Mail Folder!

Do you know if your ezine is ending up in the Spam Junk Folders of your opt-in subscribers?

Internet Service Providers like Yahoo.com, aol.com and others are now using filtering software to block spam from reaching the email boxes of subscribers.

The downside is that the rules they apply mean that they are also blocking legitimate email that the subscribers need to operate their Internet businesses. My ISP even blocks some emails that I send to myself as tests or reminders.

These systems scan incoming mail looking for trigger words or phrases. Penalty points are awarded every time a spam trigger is found. If the total points gets too high, your email ends up in the junk folder of your opt-in subscribers.

EzineCheck.com enables you to check your ezine or emails on a "spam scale" before you issue them.

Try this free service and see what it comes up with - you will be shocked at how often your ezine is at risk of ending up in the spam folders of your subscribers.

Check it out now:

(This posting has a spam scale score of 7.852 - it would most likely be headed for the spam folder if it was an email. The desirable spam scale score is < 1. )

If you pass muster, you can even add the following banner to your email/ezine:

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