Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Responsive List Building - Audio Training Bonanza

Keith Wellman has produced a series of 8 teleseminars on responsive list building which are available in both audio and pdf format (transcriptions).

This Home Study Course is the result of interviews with 8 leading Internet marketers who disclose their secrets of how to earn cash from even small mailing lists.

Here is what you get for $9.95:
  • How to create hyper profitable lists from scratch - Ewen Chia
  • Massive profits from tiny lists - Stephen Pierce
  • Responsive list secrets - Alice Seba
  • Niche list building secrets - Dr. Mike Woo Ming
  • Email deliverability secrets - Gary Ambrose
  • Secrets to getting your emails read - Jeff Levesque
  • Massive list building secrets - Liz Tomey
  • Bonus interview - Russell Brunson
Here's the link for this great resource:

When you purchase this email marketing package, you get
access to the affiliate program which pays you 100% of the
purchase price ($9.95) plus 25% ($22.33) of the One Time Offer.

You receive marketing tools as an affiliate including suggested
keywords for an Adwords campaign.

So you can earn while you learn and easily recoup your outlay FAST
(affiliate income is paid immediately to your Paypal account!)

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Lots of resources and new things to learn.