Friday, May 12, 2006

Activ Ebook Compiler - Free Download

The Activ Ebook compiler enables you to create ebooks as .exe files.

This free version allows you to create as many ebooks as you wish as long as you do not sell them.

If you wish to sell your ebooks, you need to register your copy of the Activ Ebook Compiler.

Download the free version here:

The software is a powerful professional quality tool, that makes it simple for anybody to get started in E-Book Publishing.

  • If you can use MsWord then you can create and publish E-Books - all you have to do is create your chapters in MsWord as separate documents and use the "Save As HTML" feature.
  • Simply create a set HTML files containing the information you want, and then run Activ E-Book Compiler - and you'll have a self-contained Windows Program (".EXE") which users can download and run, to view your E-Book. You can even restrict access to parts of your E-Book with passwords, include links to relevant web sites, or sell advertising space in your E-Book.
  • Anybody with Windows 95 or better, and Internet Explorer 4 or later, which is of course the vast majority of web surfers, can use your E-Books.
  • The software includes an amazing range of features that allow you to easily create great E-Books.
  • Download a fully working version of the software for free.

I created "The Blog Report: How To Make Money From Your Blog" using the Activ E-Book Compiler.

I developed the ebook/report in Ms Word with each chapter as a separate document. I then saved each document as a html file (via MsWord) and stored them in a "source folder".

Then I opened the ebook compiler and told it where the source files were and it created the ebook/report in 30 seconds.

Ebooks are excellent marketing and educational tools as they can have hotlinks, images, and colour and are created with a computer generated table of contents and internally linked pages.

You can get your free copy here:

Note: The author of the this software insists that you download the free version and try it before you upgrade and register to sell your ebooks. Registration/upgrade brings addditional features and costs less than $30 (when I bought it!).

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