Monday, April 10, 2006

Free - Affiliate Classroom Magazine - March 2006

March 2006 Affiliate Classroom Magazine

If you're an affiliate who feels email marketing today is more trouble than it’s worth, the March 2006 issue of Affiliate Classroom Magazine can help!

In this issue we've focused on making today's email marketing much, much easier. It's 79 pages crammed with advice on...

* Demystifying deliverability - what helps, what hurts.
* What terms like "open rate" or "whitelisting" mean.
* Troubleshooting when your emails bounce or disappear.
* The facts on spam law compliance.
* Constructing your first email marketing campaign.
* Why even professional SEOs need email marketing.
* Designing reader-friendly HTML ezines.
* Hot news on clickstream analysis and emerging markets.
* Plus how to tune-up and polish your affiliate sites!

We've still got several strong sales months ahead of us, so grab
this issue and make the most of our advice on email marketing,
opt-in, and so much more!

Choose your FREE download now!

* Gorgeous full color PDF.
* Printable text only, black and white PDF
* A zip file of both!

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