Saturday, February 11, 2006

Great Advice For Internet Newbies

Stephen Pierce provides great advice for internet newbies and even seasoned affiliate marketers.

Stephen is famous for the fact that he made $2 Million dollars in two hours at an internet marketing event.

You would think that someone with these credentials would talk in a way that would leave us confused, confounded and overloaded.

But the key to Stephen's success is that he can communicate with the ordinary person in the street - he can explain complex subjects in very simple language.

His suggestions on how to tackle affiliate marketing in 2006 are no exception. They are very profound but very simple. You can easily implement them with some discipline.

This is the wisest advice I have seen anywhere for new (or even relatively experienced) affilaite marketers.

Stephen suggests that to make 2006 better than 2005 in terms of affiliate revenue, you should concentrate on making today better than yesterday by building momentum each day.

He makes three very wise suggestions:
1. use what you have (in terms of resources) to develop skills through application (by doing things!)
2. focus - aim and act!
3. master the fundamentals - develop the essential skills for success in your affiliate business.

Stephen's free video, "Three Things That You Can Do to Make It Big In 2006" can be accessed here:

Also, check out Stephen's latest product here:

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