Friday, February 03, 2006

$5 by the Millions - Program review

I don't know about millions of $5 going into my Paypal account - but here is definitely a way to create a stream of $5 into your account.

I joined this program for the cost of $5. I would have paid ten times that amount for the free advertising software, ebooks and travel vouchers. You can see what is on offer here:

The idea is that you promote your $5bythemillions website, giving away this great package (which is regularly added to), and thus generate a regular flow of $5 to your account.

To do this you need a website to load your sales page. You have two options:
1. make the small changes to the website html yourself and load them to your own website


2. have the program owner create your website for you - a service that is free for the first 30 days but costs you $5 per month thereafter (hopefully easily paid for by the stream of $5 payments)

For convenience sake, I chose the latter option - and I did not mind returning $5 per month to the program owner, Sandra Prater, for the opportunity of earning a flow of $5 to my account!!

The service is superb - I received my tailored website in a matter of hours with the offer of having some of my own links added too.

In my subsequent dealings with Sandra I have found her to be a person of integrity and generosity.

I was skeptical to start with but Sandra's behaviour suggests that she has our interests at heart in her new program $5bythemillions:

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