Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Paul Colligan talks about Podcasting for Affiliates

Anik Singal of the Affiliate Classroom recently interviewed Paul Colligan about the use of podcasting for affiliates.

Paul is a widely recognized expert in a new exploding industry - podcasting. He explains how he uses podcasting to generate several streams of income.

In the interview (recorded as an mp3 file), Paul maintains that the real benefit of podcasting lies in the ability to catch a person's attention for a concentrated period of time. Typically people listen to podcasts on their iPods or mp3 players when they are travelling in their car, on the train or bus, or at the gym. People will spend up to 20 minutes of dedicated time listening to a podcast but only 20 seconds on an email.

Paul covers the following topics in his extensive interview:

  • How affiliates use Podcasting
  • How to start with podcasting
  • What equipment you can use - free and paid sources of equipment/software
  • Where to broadcast your podcast - the best podcast directories
  • Will podcast replace ezines?
  • The power of podcasting
  • Paul Colligan's many podcasts -tools for podcasting, affiliate reviews
  • Podcasting for niche marketing
  • How to market premium (paid subscription) podcasting
  • The "must do's" and "things to avoid" when podcasting
  • The future of podcasting
You can access free open source software for podcasting at:

You can access Paul Colligan's interview and the Affiliate Classroom case studies, tutorials, marketing library, niche product profiles, conference calls and unique step-by-step coaching, by taking the $1 trial:

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