Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Affiliate Marketing: Why Go It Alone?

One of the advantages I have found with the Affiliate Classroom is that I have been able to develop a learning partnership with my affiliates.

The Affiliate Classroom provides all the up-to-date resources for affiliate marketing - success case studies, tutorials, step-by-step coaching approach, niche product profiles, conference calls and interviews with leading affiliate marketers and an e-marketing library with software and ebooks.

I have been able to add value to these offerings by engaging my affiliate members in a learning partnership. What this means is that we share what we learn through the Affiliate Classroom as well as our other resources. We also provide supportive critiques of each other's articles, websites, strategies, etc. In this way, we are able to help each other focus and develop an integrated approach to what we are trying to achieve with affiliate marketing.

Sometimes the solution is right in front of you but you need another pair of eyes and another brain to help you see it. I think "two heads are better than one" in affiliate marketing. You also need someone who is willing to ask you questions to test your assumptions about your approach.

We have been able to use the free voice over internet service provided by Skype.com as part of our strategy for exploring the way forward together.

The approach underlying my coaching strategy is known as "action learning".

Ron Passfield, PhD, affiliate marketing coach, is developing his affiliate business through the step-by-step coaching offered by the Affiliate Classroom:

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