Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Automate Your Article Submissions

Anik Singal has written two case studies on article marketing for members of the Affiliate Classroom. The first covers the reasons for article marketing and how to write and submit articles. The second covers Anik's results and new strategies he has used to have 17,300 sites refer targeted traffic to him.

Central to Anik's strategy is the automatic submission of articles which enables you to achieve a critical mass of exposure very quickly. Anik uses and recommends for automatic submission to article directories and article announcement lists.

Anik maintains that automatic article submission is the key change he made to become successful:
I would say that the biggest change I have made in my strategy is that I no longer submit articles by hand to ANY website - it just takes too long.

I have followed Anik's recommendation and used during this month. It was great to see my articles on multiple Google pages when I searched under the article title.

I am delighted to say that one of my articles reached the No1 position in Google for one of my major keywords. This article had been submitted to the relevant article directory, via, less than three weeks previously.

Of course, one of the advantages of article submission is that your articles appear on article directories that are frequently ranked highly by Google because directories are content rich.

I found very easy to use - no software installation involved! You still need to register manually with the relevant directories that require a username and password. However, makes this easy through their article management system which takes you to the sign-up page of each directory and then enables you to store your username and password for easy access. Once registered, you do not need to register again.

Entering your article and related details to is very easy and takes a minimal amount of time. I found the best strategy for me was to first submit my article to to ensure I had the format right and my article was acceptable to editors. I was then able to "cut and paste" to enter the article in the data base.

Then it was a matter of pressing the "submit" button and my article was sent automatically to 10 major directories that required username and password, a further 10 not requiring these details and a number of article announcement lists as well as an undisclosed number of websites. The beauty of this is that the article directories, in turn, provide content for thousands of website owners and ezine marketers.

I can strongly recommend to give your article marketing a turbo boost.

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