Sunday, November 27, 2005

Affiliate Classroom Recommends Website Building Software

The September issue of the Affiliate Classroom Magazine strongly supports the use of site building software, especially for "newbies" to affiliate marketing.

Site building software designed for creating marketing web sites frequently have market-tested templates that "take much of the guesswork out of design". The Affiliate Classroom Magazine stresses some of these advantages:
These tools automate certain tasks and have SEO-friendly templates built right into them, which can save you time when you add content or products to your sites, or when you change the navigation. Their interfaces are primarily wizard-based, meaning you 'fill in the blanks', build a set number of pages, and interlink them without having to load in each template separatley and do a lot of hand-coding.

If you get the right site building software, you can easily build AdSense ads, sitemaps and navigation links. The Affiliate Classroom Magazine suggests that XSitePro, which was "designed by marketers for marketers" has a number of advantages. The Magazine author maintains that XSitePro has "excellent basic templates" and is "certainly the easiest of all site creation programs we've tested".

XSitePro is getting rave reviews from users in forums that I have visited recently.

The Affiliate Classroom Magazine is only one of the many services provided by the Affiliate Classroom. You can trial the Affiliate Classroom step-by-step coaching approach for $1 at:

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