Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Many Ways to Market Your Small Business on Squidoo | Small Business Odyssey

The Many Ways to Market Your Small Business on Squidoo

Merit Solutions Australia

 Squidoo, as a multimedia platform, offers many ways to engage in small business marketing.  You are really only limited by your imagination so it is well worthwhile visiting Squidoo to see how other lensmasters market their small businesses.

Discusses key ways to market your small business on Squidoo. Explains how to start by building your personal profile on Squidoo and then by telling the story of your small business with appropriate images and illustrations. Moves onto explaining how to create a Squidoo lens about your overall product /service offerings and then how to create lenses for individual products or services. Two other key ways are explained - introducing your staff in a lens and developing lenses about the local area of your business. The blog post provides examples and illustrations and shows what modules are best suited for each purpose discussed. This is a comprehensive post about your options for small business marketing on Squidoo.

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