Friday, December 16, 2011

Marketing Style: How Do You Market Your Small Buiness? | Small Business Odyssey

What is Your Marketing Style?

Small Business Marketing StyleAre you aware of the marketing style that you use in promoting your small business?   Developing a consistent and congruent marketing style is one aspect of effective business branding.

This point was brought home to me by Nancy Marmolejo, a visibility expert, who teaches small business owners to “step into the spotlignht”  by understanding and developing their preferred marketing style.  She suggests that if you use trial and error to develop your style it will cost you time, money and effectiveness.   Your marketing style is what you use to persuade people to take action (basically, your influencing style)

Nancy Marmlejo introduces us to three styles of marketing that people tend to adopt. Do you know your own marketing style? I think these styles tend to line up with personality differences and associated influencing styles. The trap is to copy someone else's style without thinking. Have you ever wanted to "follow" some guru but felt uncomfortable with their marketing approach? Nancy's core message is to stay true to your own marketing style and you will tend to attract the people you want to attract. If you mindlessly adopt the marketing style of someone else, you can easily deter your own target audience. This is particularly true for marketers offering coaching or consulting but has general application across the board.

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