Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3 Things That Can Block Your Motivation

In this audio I discuss three things that
can get in the road of your motivation at
work or with your online activity or, more
specifically, with your social media marketing.

These barriers to motivation are:
  1. your mindset
  2. your comfort zone
  3. your past experiences
The audio discusses how these things dampen
your motivation.

In the my Social Media Training Program, I
address these issues and encourage you to
change your mindset, go beyond the limitations
of your comfort zone and to break free
of the constraints of past experiences.

The SquidooRoo program is as much about
your inner journey as it is about the mechanics
of social media marketing.

In this training program in social media marketing,
I explore multiple ways to improve motivation
and increase your productivity.

Why not join us on this learning journey
and find your true motivation and capacity?

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peterwrightmarketing said...

I found this article interesting as I have noticed more and more that I can spend a couple of hours reading Email offers from other internet marketers instead of cconcentrating on what I am supposed to be doing on my own marketing.

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Ron Passfield said...

Peter - one of the things we address in the SquidooRoo program is making the transition from "consumer" to "producer". We all get caught up at times reading email and e-books and listening to audios or watching videos - and end up producing nothing of our own. So in the program we address ways to increase productivity online and dedicate 8 weekly lessons to different forms of content creation.

In one of my Squidoo lenses, I discuss the the inner journey involved in social media marketing and explain how the SquidooRoo program helps people make the journey: