Wednesday, February 02, 2011

9 Traits of Successful Marketers (Pt 2) - Get Rich Click With ClickBank

9 Traits of Successful Internet Marketers (Part 2)


As promised, 5 more traits of successful marketers from Neil Hartley and Dush Ramachandran’s presentation at the Internet Marketing Party – a gathering of like-minded Internet marketing entrepreneurs and marketing professionals held the second Tuesday of every month in Austin, TX and run by Dave Gonzalez.

  • They take action. Inevitably, we all face tasks we would rather put off for another day. Successful Internet marketers understand that getting those tasks done now can translate into more sales today AND tomorrow. Procrastination can, and will, prevent you from becoming successful.

Some list building insights from Clickbank executives along with 5 traits of successful Internet marketers. The list of traits is a good basis for reflecting on your own Internet marketing. The five traits discussed are - take action, believe in yourself, don't be afraid of competition, pursue multiple revenue streams, invest in your own skill and knowledge building.

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