Sunday, January 09, 2011

Social Media Strategy: What will you give up in 2011?

Social media strategy implies a direction, a path or purpose.

Fundamentally, it implies a choice - choosing one focus other
another.  So, social media strategy implies exclusion as well as

The challenge is to make the choice - decide what you will focus
on and what you will give up (or exclude).

If you try to cover all social media for example, you are not
being strategic.  You will not achieve your goals because your
focus and energy will be too dispersed.

Two top marketers have gone public recently to explain what
their marketing strategy is for 2011.

Seth Godin has stated that (after 12 New York bestsellers)
he is giving up writing books for traditional publishing
to focus on publishing "in whatever form" works for his readers.
The Wall Street Journal suggests that this will take the form of
"electronic books, via print-on-demand or in such
formats as audiobooks, apps, small digital files
called PDFs and podcasts".  Seth indicated that the majority
of his blog readers have never bought one of his books
in a bookstore.

Dr. Mani - Infopreneur, heart surgeon and creator of The
Children's Heart Foundation - has decided to give up
traditional email marketing as a primary marketing approach
and focus more on social media marketing. He expressed
considerable disappointment at the low opening rate of
his emails in 2010.

These two top Internet marketers have changed their
social media strategy to reflect changes in audience response
experienced in 2010 and earlier.

So the question remains about your social media strategy:
What are you going to focus on in 2011 and what will
you give up to make this happen?

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