Saturday, January 01, 2011

SEO for Wordpress Blogs


In this podcast, I discuss various ways to improve the search
engine optimization for your Wordpress blog.

I mention the SEOPressor Wordpress plugin created by Daniel Tan.
I have been using this since June 2010 and it has given a great boost
to traffic to my blog on social media marketing.

It has helped dozens of people to get on the first page of Google
for their primary keywords.

Daniel brings a wealth of experience to the creation of SEO tools
as he has spent considerable time optimizing websites for
offline businesses.

The reviews of SEO Pressor are very positive as is my own
experience.  It's almost like having an on-hand tutor telling you
what you should do to optimize each individual post.  Better yet,
you get instant feedback on how you are going in terms of a
percentage (up to 100% optimization).

SEO for Wordpress blogs is much more than backlinking,
though this certainly helps.  You also need onsite optimization
which gives you on-page leverage and actually adds value to
your backlinks.

So if you want to really leverage all the work you do in creating
posts for your blogs, you should try out SEOPressor:
CLICK HERE for On-Site Optimization for your Wordpress Blog.


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