Sunday, August 02, 2009

How to develop your social network on Redgage

Redgage is not just a social bookmarking site for
uploading photos, links and videos. It is very much
a social networking site. The richness of the online
content is more than matched by the richness and
diversity of the network.

RedGage facilitates the building of your social network
through the add a friend button, the ability to store content
in Collections and the capacity to develop a comprehensive

Top Web 2.0 experts, like Mari Smith and Percy Belcher,
stress the importance of transparency on social networks.
Your RedGage profile page enables you to share a
lot of your self - your work, education, history, interests,
passions and the things you like. Additionally, you can add
web links to your blogs, Squidoo lenses and other sites.

Your Collections, in turn, provide insight into your passions,
preferences, hobbies and online goals.

By sharing something of yourself through your profile and
Collections, you enable others to identify common areas
of interest and connect with you.

RedGage can thus help you brand yourself - to show
something of who you are, what you believe in.

As Mari Smith argues, authenticity and transparency
enable others to relate to your humanness and to build
trust and rapport.

Adding genuine and transparent comments
to others' content helps to build on that rapport and
trust and establish a lasting connection.

Social networks such as RedGage are not just information
exchange centres - they are very much centers of
human connection. By sharing something of yourself,
you invite the other person to reciprocate and so
a genuine relationship can develop.

As you explore the RedGage site, you will find heaps
of Giant Squids and a host of excellent writers
from sites such as,,
and Associated Content. You will encounter photographers
ranging from the amateur who just loves taking photos
to the professional engaged in glamor photography.

RedGage enables the creation and sharing of all forms
of creative expression including art, photography or

So why not share and connect on RedGage and enrich
your life? Create a revealing profile, build your Collections,
add friends and make quality comments on Redgage content.
You will be amazed at how many people from diverse parts
of the world share your interests.

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