Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adwords "Bulls Eye" Profit Report - define your best customer


The Adwords "Bulls Eye" Profit Report by Alex Goad is one
of the most comprehensive and valuable free reports that
I have accessed in some time.

It's not only relevant for people engaged in PPC campaigns,
but also for anyone involved in any form of Internet Marketing
for affiliate products or their own small business.    

Alex's central premise is that if you define your "best customer"
then your advertising and promotion will be truly targeted
and you will hit the "Bulls Eye" - you will gain truly
targeted traffic and sales.

He takes you through a number of steps to help you define
your best customer and then guides you in the process of
choosing core keywords that are relevant to your "best

This process can be exacting but the results will make it
well worth the effort.  This exercise alone is invaluable
and highlights the fact that we rarely really know who
our customer is.

I have been working through this "best customer" process
with a new service that I am going to promote.  It is very
enlightening and makes me confident that I will be targeting
the "Bulls Eye".

For those who are interested in PPC marketing. Alex takes
this process a whole lot further and provides his formula
for developing PPC Ad Groups.

His four measures to separate out PPC ADGroups are:
  1. action - how will customer take action?
  2. root - what is the core thing being promoted?
  3. modifier - who to exclude (people with certain attributes)?
  4. sources - where is the service/product being provided?

These measures are explained in detail with valuable
illustrations and examples.

The clarity of this report, it's visual presentation and
detailed examples, make it a valuable addition to any
Internet Marketer's library.

Adwords "Bulls Eye" Profit Report contains many lessons
for affiliate marketers and small business people alike.

Get your free copy of the Adwords Report HERE

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