Friday, August 07, 2009

Featured RedGage User

Well this email was a surpirse:
"You have been chosen to be one of the sixteen
Featured Users on the RedGage Homepage.
Click the following link to view the homepage:"

So if you do click the home page you will see me (ronpass)
featured - just click the username and that takes you
to my profile page and my Collections.

So what did I do to deserve this featured status?

I don't know what specifically won the day, but here
are some of the things I have done:

  • loaded a number of quality photos (that got featured)
  • uploaded links to my blogs posts, Squidoo lenses and articles
  • created RedGage blog posts to feature some of my poetry
  • developed 5 Collections to categorize my content
  • provided quality comments on others' content
  • developed and uploaded substantial resources to help Redgage users
  • made comprehensive submissions to RedGage admin re site improvements
The effect:

Well being a featured Redgage user has bought extra traffic to my
blog and Squidoo lenses and increased my ratings for the August
competition and prizes
- here's hoping!

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Giant Squid. He provides free resources
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spunkyduckling @ redgage said...

Well today I am a featured user on Redgage right now! When I got my email I thought it was for a featured content, but I was totally oblivious to the fact that Redgage features users too not only content. Hmm..wondering how long does featured users last on the home page..

Ron Passfield said...

From my observation, a RedGage featured user shows for about two weeks - but I am not entirely sure.

Being a featured user gives you great exposure and brings increased traffic to your RedGage content.