Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why Technorati Tags?

In a previous post I discussed the use of
Pingoat or Pingomatic to ping the search engines
and Technorati re your Squidoo lens update:
Squidoo Affiliate Marketing: Post, Publish, Ping

I subsequently mentioned adding Technorati tags
to your blog posts and lenses. I indicated
the availability of free Technorati tag

In response, I received the following query:
"Why bother with Technorati Tags if you have
already pinged Technorati with one of the
pinging services?"

The reason is that these tools serve different
functions. When you ping you are providing
a generic advice to the search engines and
blog directories, that you have updated your
Squidoo lens or blog.

When you add Tecnorati Tags to your Squidoo
lens or blog, you are creating a two-way link
with Technorati. That means that people who
search Technorati for posts using tags may come
across your tagged post; additionally your
lens/blog has a link to Technorati for your
Tagged terms. For instance, if you click
on any of the Technorati terms below you will
be taken to posts recorded in Technorati for that

I have even had my generated tags appear in
total on the first page of Google for a significant
keyword. The keyword that was the subject of
the search was highlighted in the list of tags and
the search result was hyperlinked to my Squidoo

Technorati Tags:
, , ,

, ,

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