Friday, March 13, 2009

Activity or Achievement?

I don't think I've ever had a fitness pro e-mail
me and say 'I don't have enough to do.'

Everyone I talk to is busy, busy, busy.

But I also hear 'I don't get enough done' about
as often as I hear how busy people are.

So if everyone is busy - why do some people
have tons of clients, run incredible businesses
and make great incomes while others barely get

It boils down to activity vs achievement.

Some people stay busy. Others get stuff done.

And as my buddy Dax Moy says...'You Get Paid For

A couple of guys I marvel at when it comes to getting
stuff done are Craig Ballantyne and Zach Even-Esh.

One after another, Craig knocks down article, newsletter,
product and project as reliably as clockwork.

While a lot of people struggle to get one product done,
he's pretty much a machine at getting things finished.

Zach is incredible...he still teaches full time, but still
runs a super-successful facility, holds certification events
and stays on top of a membership site, blog and his

These guys are both incredibly smart, driven and invest
in their education...but I think the real deciding factor that
allows them to accomplish so much is that when they start
something - they finish it.

Man, does that sound simple or what?

But as simple as it sounds, I can't tell you how many
times someone has told me about an incredible project
they are starting or have plans to start.

I'd guess about 3% of them ever get finished.

So if you want to separate yourself from the crowd,
measure yourself by what you accomplish instead of
thinking about how busy you are.

If you focus on getting things done instead
of getting
distracted by the next big idea
- you're destined for

Guest article by Pat Rigsby,
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Ron's comment:

While this article is addressed to fitness professionals
and health club owners, it has relevance to all of us enagaged
in running an online business - I know I often fall into the
activity trap.

Pat Rigsby is a prime example of someone who practices
what he preaches - he puts achievement before activity.
Pat runs a superb affiliate program in the fitness
business industry and is a great model for anyone trying
to run a business in a specialised niche. Why not subscribe
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Often the best ideas for advancing your own
business will come from successful
people/processes in a
different niche.
Did you know that the innovative Port of Rotterdam,
Holland, the largest port in Europe, was designed based
on principles developed from studying the
US Supermarket Industry?

So you can't go too far wrong learning from Pat Rigsby
through his Fitness Riches Newsletter - you will certainly
learn how to market a niche online.


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