Saturday, February 14, 2009

ClickBank: Ready Made Review Sites

Well, this beats outsourcing hands down in terms of
ease and speed to market.

ClickBank Ready Made Review Sites provides on
a monthly basis a review website for three top
selling ClickBank products.

The website provides a detailed review of each
ClickBank product with ratings together with an
opt-in box for your related newsletter. There is also
an option to incorporate video reviews in the site
and these are provided at a small extra monthly cost.

The reviews are professionally written and the website
is supported by a series of articles, email responder
messages (e-course), keywords list and blog list
(for adding comments). There are also professionally
written PPC ads provided with each review.

Each review site template also includes a page listing
20 top ClickBank internet marketing products and
articles related to the focus of the site.

Here's an example of a site I built with this program:

You can see that the ClickBank Ready Made Review Sites
come with professionally designed headers, graphics and
website layout. The websites are optimized for the search

An added benefit is the auto-uploading tool which
loads your review site to your website with the
click of a button.

You can integrate these review sites with Squidoo affiliate
marketing by using the articles for Squidoo lenses,
providing sign-up options for the newsletter, and
incorporating the graphics.

If you utilise the ClickBank Review Sites in association
with the One Week Marketing Plan, you have a
complete marketing system.

The One Week Affiliate Marketing Plan was developed
by Giant Squid, PotPieGirl, and provides a unique
approach to marketing affiliate products on Squidoo.

I'm finding that the combination of the two approaches
with the content provided by the Ready Made Review
Sites provides a powerful marketing approach that can
be developed quickly and easily.

CLICK HERE to check out the Ready Made Review Sites

[Caveat: Ready Made Review Sites assumes you have
some knowledge of FTP and autoresponders]

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