Sunday, October 29, 2006

Press Release: ISORegister Launches New Internet Marketing Program

Yesterday, I created a press release and promoted it
throughout the Internet through the services provided
by Market-It, an integrated Internet marketing program:

It was a simple process - create the press release in
Word, copy and paste to the integrated marketing site
and press a button. This sent my press release to over
100,000 journalists worldwide, as well as all the major
media outlets—to get my website on TV, radio,
newspapers and magazines. Here's the site again - it's
so easy because they give you detailed instructions on
every facet of press release writing and provide a
template for submission:

Here's the text of my press release:

Internet Marketing: ISORegister Inc. Morphing
Through Automation

Internet marketing has become increasingly automated
over the last five years. ISORegister, Inc. has taken
automation to another level with the release of their new,
highly automated, advertising services program in
October 2006.

ISORegister has introduced the concept of auto-marketing
of affiliate links, provided a new range of automatic
marketing tools and enabled automatic generation of
multiple streams of income.

Automation in Internet marketing is a fact of life. You can
have access to blogblasters, Myspace mailers, RSS feeds,
article generators, context ad creators, search engine
submitters, text translators, text-to-voice converters,
e-book compilers, web page creators, pinging…and the
list goes on.

The centrepiece of ISO Register’s new program is
auto-marketing of members’ affiliate links so that they can
generate 50% recurring commission for each referral.
Affiliate links are promoted on a rotational basis through
massive email marketing campaigns. This enables members
of the program to quickly cover their monthly subscriptions
and move into profit.

ISORegister, a reputable web hosting and domain registration
company, has been on the Internet since 1999. This has
enabled them to build a huge network of online advertising
outlets and media.

Dr. Passfield, affiliate marketing coach, comments,
ISORegister is diversifying from its strengths –
its reputation, long-standing web presence and its enviable
advertising power. The new program is both innovative and
clever. ISORegister is effectively using the new automated
advertising services program to increase its prospect base to
on-sell its lucrative, back-end, traditional products and

This explains the generous 50% recurring commission paid
to members as affiliates, not only for new referrals but also
for sales of a range of products and services that are integrated
into the new program.

ISORegister takes automation beyond the first level of
auto-marketing of affiliate links. Membership benefits also
include 5 fully automated advertising services that enable a
member to promote a website of their choice. These include
automatic email, banner, classified ad, and directory services
that are intended to be set-and-forget facilities. In addition,
members receive an automatic allocation of 6,000 hits each
month to use on a website of their choice.

These automated features are underpinned by 11 website
marketing and business building tools that include a website
builder, hosting and ad tracking. The final element that
heralds the new era of automation is a single sales page that
gives affiliates the opportunity to earn income form the sale
of 10 different products and services that are integral to the
program and provided free to members.

ISORegister provides members with a full suite of training
videos to ensure that they can use all the features and
services of the program. The extent of these services and
products, included in a membership fee of less than $30 per
month, demonstrates the challenge represented by Internet
marketing today. Five years ago you could easily sell an
e-book by itself without any difficulty. Today, e-book
marketers throw in bonuses worth 10-20 times the value
of the e-book to make a sale. This situation makes
automation of advertising an imperative.

ISORegister is taking this automation to another level.
They are also extending the concept of support to embrace
auto-marketing of affiliate links and the provision of
extensive online video training. ISORegister is a company
that has achieved an enviable longevity on the net and
created a proven track record. It enters a new phase of
growth as it reinvents itself in response to saturation of its
traditional web hosting and domain registration markets.

For more information on ISORegister’s new program, visit:

Copyright 2006 Ron Passfield.

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