Wednesday, March 01, 2006

XSitePro - rave reviews for this website creator

XSitePro is a total website manager that lets you create, manage and maintain websites in minutes (yes, as many as you want!)

It enables anyone, even newbies, to build search engine optimised sites for any product or service. It even lets you ad Google Adsense in the format and location of your choice with a press of a button.

Paul Smithson, the creator of XSitePro, has just released a video tutorial for anyone purchasing his product - it does not come easier!

I have been watching my emails and checking forums and blogs for users' reviews of XSitePro and here's some I've found:

Rosalind Gardner had this to say about XSitePro on her blog:

So far, so excellent! Once I’ve fully explored its capabilities, I’ll report my findings to you. My immediate response however, is that it will probably replace Homesite in my arsenal… no more HTML tweaking… Hurray!

Thomas Choo rates XSitePro 10/10 and he had this to say in an email to me about website builders:

The one I use and absolutely love is XSitePro.

Patty Gale of said about XSitePro:

This is the one piece of software that changed it all for me. I went from almost completely giving up on affiliate marketing to making passive income my business model for long-term growth.

Here's some other comments on forums that I've gleaned from XSitePro users:

Being new to the online world, I wanted the simplest, most hassle-free way to put up websites which look professional. I did A LOT of research - including emailing a couple of online 'gurus' to ask their advice. Anyway, cutting a long story short - I eventually decided on XSitePro. On October 15th 2005, in 2 hours I completed the tutorial and had a live dummy website live on the internet.

The next day I built my own site (using a template) of 400-odd pages and published it. The following week I did another get the picture. Each site is optomised for the search engines (I didn't need to read a single book about this - XSite does it easily). The built-in FTP interface makes it a breeze to upload - no need for a separate program to do this.

by Ragola

I built a site for my church using Frontpage, Dreamweaver, and notepad. This was kinda my learning site and it went ok. When I wanted to start my own, I researched and found that XSite Pro would work best for me. I got it at the end of December and I love it.

by Johnny

Here's a response from XSitePro admin about adding Google Adsense:

XSitePro makes it very simple to add the correct Google Adsense code into any of your sites with just a couple of mouse clicks. In addition it will allow you to pick the size of the advertisement you want to run and even change the default color scheme. It really is that easy! When you're in the "Designer" tab, place the cursor where you want the ad to go, "right click" and select "Insert Google Adsense".

If you want to check XSitePro out:

Click here to view the "7 Reasons Why You Need XSitePro Now!" video

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