Monday, March 06, 2006

Some Little Known Facts About GDI

For $10 per month, Global Domains International (GDI) gives you:

  • a .ws domain
  • web hosting
  • 10 emails accounts

Visit GDI here to read the numerous testimonials:

Some Little Known Facts About GDI:

  • you get paid $1 per person per month for your recruits
  • you get $1 per person per month for your referrals' recruits over 5 levels
  • you get $1 per month for each domain taken out by your front line recruits (I have one with 6 domains!)
  • you can move a recruit to someone in your next level and you both get $1 per month for that recruit
  • you get a website builder that is as easy to use as Ms Word
  • you can build Adsense web pages in minutes with your website builder (and pay for your GDI subscription over and over again)
  • you get a fully automated recruiting system with lead capture pages, promotional video, promotional CD, and automated follow-up system
  • GDI is for newbies and experienced marketers as well - you can operate at your own level of expertise
  • you can use your .ws website to create lead capture pages in minutes if you have an autoresponder - here's one of mine:

You can check out the movie here and take the free trail:

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