Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How to Get Google Page Ranking for Your Blog

As a member of the Affiliate Classroom, I can ask the editor of the Affiliate Classroom Magazine any burning questions I have related to Affiliate Marketing. I was lucky enough to have Helen Swan, Managing Editor, respond to my query about this blog in the most recent issue of the Magazine.

Here's my question:

How to kick start Blogger PR?

I have a query relating to my blog which is an ongoing review of the Affiliate Classroom. I have been following the training advice about writing articles. I have written about ten which I have linked to the blog. This is achieving a fantastic but unexpected result. My articles appear in four of the top ten listings of Google for the keyword, "affiliate marketing coach!" Yet despite this, and the resultant traffic, I am not getting a ranking in Google for my blog. Can you suggest ways to achieve a Google ranking? Any advice would be appreciated.

Helen's fundamental advice is to have patience - Google will do things in its own good time. A related comment is that blogs/websites 2 years old are more likely to be ranked than new blogs.

Helen did have specific suggestions that could be put into action to facilitate the proccess of getting a Google ranking for my blog:

1. encourage backlinks from other marketing bloggers, as well as home business and affiliate bloggers.

2. focus the bulk of your energy on getting links from authority sites - articles submitted to article directories help here, but you need to seek out webmasters who have established, popular sites on web marketing and get your articles placed on these.

3. create internal links by reviewing and linking to articles/reviews/comments already on your blog.

4. get links from non-blog sites - affiliate marketing websites, general online business forums, sites by freelance writers, infoproduct developers, etc.

5. try very hard to get "natural linking" by ensuring that links to your site have anchor text that includes your keywords in natural combinations.

6. experiment with optimizing some of your blog posts for various keywords in your niche.

7. use viral marketing - e.g. build an opt-in list by giving away free reports.

8. experiement with tweaking your Blogger settings and template just a little ( I have decided to improve my meta tags!)

Helen's final suggestion is to stick to the "safe" techniques - "natural backlinks built up over time, article placements, and human-friendly anchor text".

I have decided that I also need to create two-way links between this blog and two others I have that already have Google page rankings (by some mysterious means, despite being updated less frequently than this one!).

So there's my year's work ahead of me along with putting into place "The Top 6 Resolutions For Affiliates in 2006" identified by Anik Singal in the same Affiliate Classroom Magazine!!


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