Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Using Blog and Ping to Get Indexed in Yahoo, Google and MSN

The August 2005 case study from the Affiliate Classroom focuses on blogging and pinging to get indexed on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

In the case study, Anik Singal, founder of the Affiliate Classroom, interviews Helen Swann, editor of the Affiliate Classroom Magazine. In this interview, Helen shares the method her 71 year old mom used to get her blog completely indexed in both Yahoo and MSN in a matter of weeks.

In the case study you'll find out how Helen's mom, who is a complete Internet newbie, used the Affiliate Classroom tutorials to get her recipe blog completely indexed in Yahoo in 4 days, completely indexed in MSN in less than four weeks, and partially indexed in Google.

Helen also shares some of her special tips about Affiliate Marketing that she has developed from working in, and reporting on, the Internet Marketing Industry for nearly 7 years.

While the Affilaite Classroom Magazine is free for everyone, the monthly Affiliate Classroom case studies are for paid memebrs only.

However, you can get access to the case studies by taking the $1 free trial:

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