Saturday, October 01, 2005

Become an "expert writer" of viral marketing articles

Anik Singal, founder of the Affiliate Classroom, is a strong advocate of the use of articles as a viral marketing tool for affiliate marketers. He also "practices what he preaches".

Anik has written many articles and is recognised as an "expert writer" by, an article directory.

He offers a range of articles for use by both affiliates and members of the Affiliate Classroom program. These provide great models for affiliates and members to emulate.

Anik also provides step-by-step coaching on how to become an "expert writer" of articles. He discusses how to create ideas for articles, how to write an article, what article directories to submit articles to and how to maximise the viral marketing effects of articles.

I recently followed Anik's step-by-step coaching and submitted an article to and, to my pleasant surprise, the article was accepted within two days. I also received recognition as an "expert writer" myself.

Becoming an "expert writer" with means that your your article is:
  • featured on the high traffic home page of
  • sent to the EzineArticles RSS Feed
  • sent to the proprietary EzineArticles Email Alert to Members
You are also able to add the special "featured button" on your website/blog.

You too can have access to Anik's step-by-step coaching method for article writing by Clicking Here.

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