Sunday, June 26, 2011

Branding You, Branding Me, Branding Wizzley

Whenever you write something on the Internet, either by way of
articles or comments on social media sites, you are
branding yourself in the eyes of your readers and Google.

When you think about it you are always forming an opinion
of an author when you read what they have written.
You may decide that they have something to offer because
they come across as insightful or positive or because they
provide real answers to your abiding questions.  So what
you write, how you write and what you say in your comments
on social media sites is branding you in the eyes of your reader.

Google, too, is watching you and forming an opinion of you.
You only have to view your Google Wonder Wheel to see how
this is true.  The Google bots index your content, including your
comments on social media sites such as Squidoo and Wizzley.
When you write and comment you are branding yourself in
Google's eyes.  What image are you creating?

Read on for more information on how to brand yourself... 


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Ron Passfield, PhD, is a Co-Founder of Wizzley,
a Writer's Community, a Giant Squid, and creator
of Squidooroo, a Social Media Training Program.

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