Monday, June 06, 2011

Amazon Affiliate Income: Write Book Reviews on Wizzley

Wizzley, a community for writers, launched recently and provides the
perfect platform for book reviews that can produce affiliate income
from Amazon.

One of my first articles on Wizzley was a review of Donna Leon's
book, The Girl of His Dreams.

The ease of creating book reviews was a real attraction.  There is
a text module which allows single and double column text with
full composition/html editor facilities.

The built-in Amazon module enables you to display the reviewed book
as a single item and also to display other books by the same author
as a Carousel Widget.  Both book displays will carry your embedded
Amazon affiliate link.

Wizzley shares income with authors/book reviewers on an impression
basis - half the impressions will show your Amazon affiliate link while
the other half will show Wizzley's Amazon link.

The platform lends itself to book reviews because of the ease of
creating pages and the way you can illustrate your article.
For example, Donna Leon's detective novels are set in Venice
so I was able to use Wizzley's Flickr module to show images
of Venice (alternatively, you can use Wizzley's image module
to display downloaded images).

Here again is the link to my book review on Wizzley of
Donna Leon's novel:
The Girl of His Dreams

Ron Passfield (PhD) is one of the creators of, developer of a social media training program,
a Giant Squid100 and author of an e-book on Squidoo Marketing.


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